Refund Policy

We are confident in the quality of our courses and we're happy to provide you with a refund if you're not happy with our content. 

There is only one requirement that need to be met for you to be entitled to a refund: You must request a refund within 14 days of the payment for which you are requesting a refund. Please note that you are only entitled to a refund for your latest payment, not prior ones. 

For refunds, please shoot an email to and include the word "refund" in the title.  Please allow us 10 business days to process your refund. Depending on your financial institution, it may take 1-2 billing cycles until the refund appears on your billing statement. 

Note that we are unable to refund the payment processing fees charged by Stripe, our payment processor. This is not a personal choice, it's a limitation imposed on us by Stripe. The payment processing fee for Stripe is 2.9% + 30 cents. This means that on a typical $50 payment, ~$1.75 of the charge will be held back from your refund due to the processing fees