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This product analytics course is designed to prepare you for real-world scenarios. No multiple choice exercises and quizzes. You will feel confident in your skills after doing the exercises for each chapter.

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Meet Your Instructor

Ali Baghshomali

Ali is the founder of Mentat Analytics , a successful product analytics firm based in Los Angeles. As a certified partner of Mixpanel and Segment, Mentat is currently the highest rated agency on the Mixpanel partner directory. Prior to founding Mentat, Ali was the Product Data Lead for Bird, as well as a data scientist at BuzzFeed.

Before his career in the tech industry, Ali worked for years as a teacher and tutor. During this time he learned how to convey difficult concepts in an easy to understand way, while keeping his students engaged. Once you learn to teach math to middle school kids, everything else gets a lot easier.

About This Course

Interpreting data is the key to building a successful product. You don’t need to know how to code in order to do that. What you need is a product analytics course that provides you with a strong understanding of fundamental concepts, tools, and processes. 

Each chapter of The Ultimate Product Analytics Course trains you on a related set of topics with an example-driven approach and exercises taken directly from real-world scenarios. You don’t need any technical background to get started.

Complete the capstone project to get it graded by me and receive your Product Analytics Expert certification. If you're not interested in certification, can enroll in the course at a lower price. 

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What Our Students Think

“Honestly, the whole course was great. I didn't think there was a part that wasn't valuable. Everything at least for me was additive. A few things I liked in particular: impact measurements and models of how to dive into determining those, core/counter metrics.”

Andy Tzou | Head of Product @ Helping Hands

“I took the 'Data Analytics for Product Managers' course with Ali around the time I was considering transitioning to a PM role from a technical one. The course was a fantastic introduction to KPIs and metrics and helped me successfully interview for product roles”

Vega Shah, PhD | Product Manager @ Dotmatics

“Ali explains concepts in such a clear and memorable way and provides the perfect level of detail in his product analytics course. He gave me incredibly helpful context that I now use as an engineer implementing tracking plans.”

Ashley Custer | Staff Software Engineer @ GoFundMe

“Ali has deep expertise in product analytics, and this course was invaluable. I’m fairly technical for a PM, and have been doing product work for years, but I learned a lot. I was able to immediately put things we covered to work that drove business impact, and made a big difference at my company.”

Weston Westenborg | Sr. Product Manager @ Ritual

“I really enjoyed the course! Ali is a great instructor and has the experience that makes the courses much more enjoyable by bringing in real world examples. My favorite part was actually learning SQL since it's a skill that I want to learn/improve on.”

Inayat Issa | Product @ TikTok


  • How long will it take me to complete this course?

    We estimate that the current set of 5 chapters and a capstone project will take you 6 weeks if you spend 2 hours a week on it. This includes the time it will take to do the exercises. However, some of our students have completed the whole thing in one week!

  • Do I need to know how to code in order to benefit from this course?

    No you don’t. There is no technical background necessary. You will know basic SQL (which covers the majority of your use cases) by the time you’re done with the course though.

  • How much does the course cost? Do you provide refunds?

    You can get lifetime access to all course content as well as the course certification for $199. If you don't care about certification, you can get the course content by itself for just $99. Yes we provide a refund within 14 days of your enrollment. You can view our full refund policy here.

  • How does certification work?

    When you complete the course, you can also complete a small capstone project which will be reviewed by me. You will then be provided feedback and your Product Analytics Expert certificate.

    Certification is optional. If you're not interested in certification, you can enroll in the course at a lower price.

  • I really need this course but genuinely can't afford them. What should I do?

    Shoot us an email at hello@productanalytcs.academy and let us know how much you feel comfortable paying. We'll hook you up with a discount code.
    Also keep in mind that if you're employed already, your company is very likely to reimburse you for the cost of the course. Most employers are happy to pay for their team members to upgrade their skillset.

  • Why don't you have a social media presence?

    To be completely honest, because I don't like social media and the last thing you need is yet another account that just retweets analytics-related articles. I'd much rather take the time it takes to run a Twitter account and use it to work on making great learning content right here as part of this course.

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