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SQL is the primary way that data is retrieved from a database. It also happens to be a great way to develop data-driven thinking by learning to visualize how data sits in a table. 

By learning SQL you will become far more independent as a product manager and truly understand how to think of data the right way. 

The best part? Product managers only need a fraction of the SQL skills needed by a data analyst or analytics engineer. This chapter focuses only on the parts that a product analytics role needs, so you can learn SQL fast.

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Course Contents

    1. 1. What is a relational database

    2. 2. What is SQL

    3. 3. How SQL is used

    4. 4. "Select" statements

    5. 5. Basic Operations

    6. 6. Joining tables

    7. 7. Aggregations

    8. 8. SQL Recap

    9. Takeaways and Key Lessons - Learn SQL Fast

    10. Exercises - Learn SQL Fast

    11. Exercise solutions - Learn SQL Fast

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