Here's an example of a lesson included in this course:
"Don't run tests 'until significance' "

Course Contents

    1. 1. Split tests

    2. 2. Counter-metrics

    3. 4. Statistical significance

    4. 3. Best practices

    5. 5. Don't run tests "until significance"

    6. 6. P-Hacking

    7. Takeaways and Key Lessons- Experiment Design

    8. Exercises - Experiment Design

    9. Exercise Solutions - Experiment design

    10. Penny for your thoughts

About this course

  • 10 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content

Should I Complete The Chapters In Order?

That's what we recommend. We feel like you'll get the most value that way and you'll learn them easier because there are occasional references to prior chapters. However, each chapter has tons of standalone value as well and you will certainly benefit from taking it on its own.